Dedicated to the Maratha Maharaja

People everywhere are logging on to Google Maps to witness a crop art portrait dedicated to one of India’s most substantial leaders

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 20th Jun 2019  8:54 pm
Maratha Maharaja

The residents from a village in Nilanga, Maharashtra, have dedicated a crop art to the late Maharaja, Chhatrapati Shivaji, and the internet has not been able to keep calm. Spread across 2.5 lakh sq ft, the beautiful portrait, made entirely out of grass, can be seen so evidently that one can even spot it on Google Maps.

As a tribute to the warrior king who formed the genesis of the Maratha Empire, the incredible crop art had gone viral in the seconds that it was brought to the attention of the Twitterati. In their classic fashion in re-tweeting the current ongoing sensation through a million different ways, Twitter users of the micro-blogging site have been losing their minds over the magnificent oeuvre.

To witness the artwork for yourself, simply open Google Maps and either type in the coordinates – 4QP5+8Q or the name, Maharaj Farm Painting for it to be visible through satellite view. We assure you that you will definitely not regret the two seconds you’ve invested into doing so.