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City-based Virtual Raasta’s augmented reality kits takes interactivity in classroom to the next level

By Author  |  Published: 1st Oct 2018  12:16 am
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The company is reaching out to government school teachers to enable them teach in an interactive manner.

Hyderabad: Wear the gear and watch the magic unravel as owls guide you to dinosaurs and vehicles come alive to interact with you. Children can now learn and also have fun with augmented reality (AR)-based educational products by Hyderabad-based Virtual Raasta’s Scifikids. It provides immersive 3D experiences of information.

Raasta Studios, founded by Sai Kumar and Prem Kumar in 2013, offers production services to corporates, institutions, agencies, NGOs and government bodies. It now runs three brands – Raasta Studios, Virtual Raasta and Amplify.

The company offers a variety of AR and visual reality (VR) products and services in sectors such as simulations, education, heritage, industrial training and maintenance, architecture and real estate, aviation and aerospace industry, medical and pharma.

Giving a glimpse into the AR world, the company conducted a workshop for 30 government teachers in Siricilla recently and presented them with the kits that can be used to teach students up to Class III in government schools.

The Scifikids kits were launched at the HYSEA Design Summit 2018 held in the city and the company is reaching out to government schools teachers to enable them to teach in an interactive manner, besides giving students a VR/AR experience.

With a team of around 60 employees, the company already sold over 1,000 AR kits, each costing around Rs 4,800, through online sales. “We launched five interactive AR-based products to enhance learning based on study material. Each kit comprises five products about animals, professions, shapes, transportation vehicles and instruments. Teachers can control the lessons to enabling students learn subjects in an entertaining manner,” Prem Kumar
Vislawath told Telangana Today.

One can enter the 360-degree virtual environment using the kits and images supplied by the company. The AR kit should be connected to a smartphone and scanning the images supplied by the company will open doors into augmented reality. People can walk around and click the animal, vehicle or profession of their choice to interact with and guide them.