Design enthusiasts throng UXINDIA 2019 in Hyderabad

Over 900 participants from several countries attend User Experience Design conference being held in Hyderabad

By Author  |  Published: 10th Sep 2019  11:50 pmUpdated: 10th Sep 2019  11:12 pm

Hyderabad: Design is the spice of life. Or that is what those at UXINDIA 2019 believe in.

User Experience (UX) design is becoming the next buzzword after information technology, with indications galore that UX designers, along with their inseparable cousins, User Interface (UI) designers, are steadily climbing up the graph of the most sought-after employees.

And that is why UXINDIA 2019, the 15th annual edition, which is on at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), is such a big draw. What started with just 50 designers in ISB 15 years ago has now grown into 900 and more participants from across India and from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the US, the UK and Australia, along with more than 70 expert speakers and industry leaders descending on the swank environs of HICC.

After getting off to an enthusiastic start on Monday, the event gathered momentum on Tuesday with interactive sessions, panel discussions and curated talks being held on a variety of topics ranging from user experience to user interface, artificial intelligence in UX, design management and even perfume design.

Design experts from industry leaders such as Google and Facebook, to mention just two, design managers, business enterprises, about 15 design schools from different cities, including Haryana, Kerala, Bengaluru and Delhi, are among the participants, apart from several hundreds of design enthusiasts from Hyderabad lending a keen ear to all that they have to say. Visual designers, user researchers, front-end designers, programme managers, startup founders and design students too are among the growing number of participants.

The response this year, according to Bapu Kaladhar, one of the key persons behind the entire concept of such a conference, was overwhelming.

“When the last time we held the event in Hyderabad, in 2016, we had around 450 participants. The interest is growing. Design culture is getting into the minds of people,” he said, adding that the organisers had not expected this kind of turnout at all.

The event (, which is one of the world’s top design conferences and India’s biggest user experience conference, is sponsored by the Government of Telangana, ServiceNow, SalesForce and UiSER.

Workshops throw light on design thinking, design principles

Alisha Raghavan, Interaction Lead, Pensaar Design, during a workshop on ‘Design thinking for greater customer experience’.

Hyderabad: A workshop on ‘Design thinking for greater customer experience’ during the three-day UXINDIA 2019 turned out to be a thought-provoking session for hundreds of delegates.

Presented by Alisha Raghavan, Interaction Lead with Pensaar Design, the session helped delegates how to talk, observe and analyse problems of customers through a design-thinking approach.

The concept of design thinking, the iterative process which seeks to understand users, challenges and help in redefining problems and creating innovative solutions, was getting popular across the country, Raghavan said.

Having worked at multiple design firms and tech startups over the last decade to ensure that design decisions were driven by an understanding of the customers’ behaviour, Raghavan also spoke about customer needs, experimentation and design thinking in user experience design.

“One has to understand the problems and challenges of the customers and design the solutions keeping their needs in mind. It is always better to fall in love with problems rather than finding a number of solutions,” she added.

Another workshop, Human-Centred Intelligence, anchored by Amit Dangwal, Designer at Microsoft India, aimed at sensitising participants on the role of intelligence in product scenarios.

The session touched upon product scenarios and design principles around intelligence and how to use this technology to make lives better. As a part of the workshop, the participants formed groups to identify problem areas and co-create scenarios for various product segments.

The workshop also focused on how to design and build solutions through human-centred intelligence for helping everyone on a daily basis. It is important to teach and understand the concept of human-centred intelligence, Dangwal said.

— Sunny Baski

Telangana aiming big in UX design: Jayesh

Hyderabad: The international conference on User Experience Design, UXINDIA 2019, which started 15 years ago, has become a platform for those dreaming to make it big in UX design and is helping them meet big players in the field and get internships and jobs, said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Information Technology.

The Telangana government was focusing on the field as it had a lot of potential in creating jobs. “In this regard, another two workshops on design are scheduled in the next two months. We are holding ‘Hyderabad Design Week’ from October 9 to 13 and ‘India Joy’ during November 21 and 24, which will focus on important components of design,” he said.

It was an important technology and had been growing rapidly in many countries. Globally, India had created a name for IT services, however, there was a huge gap in product development. “This scenario has been changing over the last few years as MNCs are setting up product developments in our country,” he said.

Design had a lot of scope in the country and Telangana was aspiring to play a bigger role in this service as it would help in offering best practices on how a user interacts with, and experiences, a product, Ranjan said adding that this concept was helpful not only for business but also for making one’s life better.

“User experience is also helping in providing transport solutions. In coming days, more number of enthusiasts will look towards this concept,” he added.

Why design matters and what is it about?

Hyderabad: Wondering what all the hullabaloo over design is about? Design is everywhere, the only issue being that 95 per cent of products are designed badly if you notice them. For instance, look at the laptop bag. An essential for most office-goers, it is badly designed that it won’t remain balanced while kept on a bike seat.

Then, there is the three-pin plug socket that has been badly designed. What if the user has only a two-pin plug?

The rear-view mirror of a car is another serious design problem. The problem lies invisibility on a rainy day/night when windowpanes are closed and we are not able to wipe the rear-view mirror.

These are just some of the bad designs that have prompted a major discussion on design, both user experience design and user interface design. And fueling such discussions is what UsabilityMatters.Org does.

The non-profit organisation works towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers.

UsabilityMatters.Org was founded by Bapu Kaladhar, Ashish Tiwari, Shyam Sundar Durisetti, along with team members Kaladhar KVK, Nataraj Vengala and Ravi Krishnan, and for the last 15 years, has been organising UXINDIA conferences across the country.

UXINDIA my favourite: Designer from Singapore

Hyderabad: One of the key speakers at UXINDIA 2019 is Mario Van der Meulen, Principal Designer, Foolproof, Singapore, who gives a voice to end-user, meaning to solution and value to design thinking. Meulen, whose book was launched at the event, shares his views with Sunny Baski on UXINDIA.

Your experience in UXINDIA conference?

I take part in several conferences across the globe every year and UXINDIA is among my favourites as it helps me connect with more number of participants through one-on-one interactions. I have attended four conferences of UXINDIA and each time I visit, I find everyone paying more attention towards workshops.

How is a conference on User Experience helpful?

It helps one to explore how to design for the benefit of people and generate new ideas when they meet participants and delegates. It is always worth to get new ideas for becoming a better designer. Conferences like UXINDIA help aspirants get a deeper understanding of design.

Tell us about your book ‘COUNTER INTUITIVITY’?

The book that I have worked on for almost a year was launched here. It helps the reader broaden their thinking ability, understand the concept and get better ideas. It is also based on the reactions of people in the conference and explains how to design meaningfully.

Feedback you got from the UXINDIA 2019?

Participants who are meeting new people are enjoying themselves. During workshops and other sessions, I could see everyone getting excited and being expressive about their doubts. Many are coming up with different ideas and learning new things through this conference.

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