Devi Cheruvu: a testimony to Mission Kakatiya

Devotees are more than happy to see the lake full of water.

By   |  Published: 16th Feb 2017  10:12 pm

Suryapet: Devi Cheruvu of Durajpally village has stood as a testimonial for Mission Kakatiya at Peddagattu jathara. Devotees who turned out in large numbers from the neighbouring States were more than happy to witness the lake being back to its old glory.

Devi Cheruvu, a village tank of Durajpally, was restored under Mission Kakatiya. According to the officials of the Irrigation Department, the restoration of Devi Tank, which is located adjacent to Peddagattu, was sanctioned an estimated cost of Rs 46.64 lakh under phase-I of Mission Kakatiya, but the works commenced only during the second phase.

In all, 43,750 cubic meters was completed which made it possible to receive full level water due to good rains in the monsoon. The village tank was restored to the water storage capacity of 1.545 Million Cubic Feet (mcft) in the later phases.

A devotee Kurri durga rao, who came all the way from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, said that he did not miss Peddagattu jathara even once in the last 25 years. “I would always look at the dried up tank and wonder why isn’t anybody taking up efforts to restore it,” he shared. But this time, he is really happy to see the tank back to life, and all thanks to Mission Kakatiya.

Another devotee, Gullanki Murali said that the devotees are very happy to see the lake restored. He shared that it gives a pleasant feeling to see the tank filled with water. “This water can now be used for agricultural and several other purposes,” he adds.