Did Vikram Goud stage the episode?

Police sources say the statements of both husband and wife were contradictory

By   |  Published: 29th Jul 2017  11:06 pm
Vikram Goud's wife Shipali talking to the media at Apollo Hospitals on Saturday

Hyderabad: The mystery over what really happened in the residence of M Vikram Goud in the wee hours of Friday continued even on Saturday, with police now doubting whether the version that an unidentified person shot Goud was true at all. Goud, the son of former Minister M Mukesh Goud, was questioned on Saturday at Apollo Hospital. His wife Shipali too was questioned, though separately, at the hospital. Police sources said the statements of both husband and wife were contradictory, giving rise to the doubt that the shooting could have been a suicide bid. However, all angles were being investigated.

Stating that the suicide bid could not be confirmed without concrete evidence, officials have expressed suspicions that Goud was in possession of an illegal firearm. If the couple was found to be guilty of staging a drama, chances were that both could be booked for the same, sources said. The suspicion that Goud could have staged the episode, either to threaten or mislead his father or persons from whom he could have borrowed money, gained ground after the police examined the spot and re-constructed the crime scene. No proof could be found, so far, of the involvement of a third person. However, the police could not find any weapon in the house.

Further, officials found no indications of a scuffle in the house. The bullet wounds too were at the same distance on both sides, which they said was quite impossible if he was shot at from a distance. According to a senior police official, the statements of Goud and Shipali were further being verified, though Shipali stuck to her statement given to the police on Friday. “Their statements seem to be quite contradicting. There is no proof that a third person entered the house. Investigations carried out so far indicate a suicide bid. However, all angles are being probed,” he said.

“Against their claims, we have sufficient scientific evidence to prove they were self-inflicting wounds. But we are working to get more concrete evidence to prove that beyond doubt,” the official said, adding that there were no indications that Goud made an attempt to escape after being shot once. “He was very much seated on the sofa,” he added. Meanwhile, Shipali said they had given their statements to the investigating officials and hoped the culprits would be nabbed. On the other hand, hospital sources said the condition of Goud was stable now.