Did you know that lemons are sweeter than strawberries?

The fruit has a higher percentage of sugar content but it’s tangy taste is dominated by the presence of citric acid

By   |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 23rd Apr 2019  8:15 pm

When evaluating the sugar levels between a strawberry and a lemon, one would automatically assume that a strawberry contains more sugar due to its sweet taste compared to that of a lemon. But on the contrary, study shows that a lemon contains 70 percent sugar and strawberry contains only 40 percent of sugar.

The tanginess of a lemon is due to its high amount of citric acid. Although the percentage of the citric acid is a miniscule 3 to 6 percent as compared to strawberries; it still manages to dominate the saccharine levels in lemons, resulting in the sour taste. However, if we judge both fruits on their health benefits they offer rather than the amount of sugar present in them, both have great beneficial properties.