Digging into local dialect

More than the food, it is quirky restaurant names that capture customers' attention

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2017   11:07 pm Updated: 12th Jan 2017   11:57 am
Restaurants with a quirky twist and an amazing taste.

What is it that attracts you to a restaurant? Is it the ambience or the food? Or perhaps, it’s the name of the food joint. It is quite a tricky question to answer. While most foodies go for flavourful food, there are exceptions where people visited a restaurant because the name sounds familiar. Of course, most times they don’t regret the choice and end up enjoying some finger-licking good food. 

That Hyderabadis love their food isn’t new. But what’s new is the trend that is catching up fast in the city. A lot of restaurants are coming up with Telugu names — some funny, some interesting, some nostalgic. These places don’t fail to garner attention from the right people — not just for their names but also for the variety of flavours and tastes they offer. 

These eat-outs, about 25 scattered across the city, with quirky names are sure creating a niche for themselves. They have regional touch not just in flavours, but in names too. 

Names like Vivaha Bhojanambu, Vantakam, Village lo Vindu and Bhojanam directly point to food, while a few others focus on the flavours like Yelluri Ruchulu, Telangana Ruchulu, Rayalaseema Ruchulu and Palanati Ruchulu. There are yet others which are related to films, dance forms and food varieties. If there’s one common thread connecting them all, it’s the fact that they are all pukka local. And most of these popular restaurants confine themselves to serving traditional Telugu flavours with an exception or two. 

B Bharat, one of the partners of ‘Thinespo’ outlet in Kompally, says that people made fun of their choice of the restaurant’s name. “It was not the name we originally decided for our venture, but when my partner suggested it, I found it interesting,” he recalls. The young entrepreneur says that there were people who debated in the restaurant over the name. “In the initial days, people would have a hearty laugh once they learnt the actual meaning of the name,” Bharat shares. He feels that it is the name that helped them fetch more crowd when they started out. And, there were people who — going by the name Thinespo — dropped by expecting one kind of cuisine but were either surprised or disappointed when they realised the restaurant with a typical Telugu slang name serves continental cuisine.

However, owners take pride in their restaurant name and feel that it gives them more scope to play up well with the theme. The moment the customer enters the food joint, they can feel the local touch which is also another reason why more restaurateurs opt for quirky Telugu names. It lets the foodies feel an immediate connect to the place.

Be it a small joint or a big one, owners actually invest a lot of time to decide the names of the restaurants. Sye fame Shahank recently ventured into the food sector and named his restaurant in Madhapur Mayabazar. On asking why he chose the name, he says, “I am associated with the film industry and I wanted people to relate to my joint immediately.” The actor-turned-entrepreneur shares that Maya the movie Mayabazar is one of the greatest movies that have been made, so I went ahead with it. “The moment people step inside the place, they would feel the aura of the late actors,” he shares. Many people from the film fraternity have visited the place and expressed joy over having a food joint that is named after a legendary movie, he says.

R Ram Mohan Rao from Nala Bhimas says that they always wanted the restaurant to have that local touch. He mentions that Nala Bhima pakam is a common phrase used when we talk about good food, so they finalised that name. “The interiors and the menu are also in sync with the name,” he shares. Ram feels that it the name the has attracted a lot of attention.

Now, how many of these restaurants have you tried out?