DNA testing for newborns

By   |  Published: 12th Oct 2018  12:00 am

HYDERABAD: Chennai-based LifeCell International has announced the launch of ‘RightStart’, a DNA test for newborns that can detect over 50 different medical conditions. The DNA based test, is considered as a gold standard and is most reliable for confirmation as it does not get impacted by interferences such as medications, nutrition, temperature, or preterm status, LifeCell International in a press release said.

Ishaan Khanna, CEO of Diagnostic and BioBank Divisions, LifeCell International said “This is for the first time over 50 conditions can be tested with ‘RightStart’s integrated DNA testing in the country with a faster throughput and higher accuracy of test results”.

In current process of newborn screening, a few drops of blood are obtained through heel prick from the baby’s heel, usually 48 hours after childbirth, and is analysed by profiling a specific set of metabolites present in the blood. If an abnormal metabolic profile is found further testing is recommended for confirmation.

According to LifeCell, a large number of infant deaths in India can be prevented by screening newborns at birth for inborn genetic and metabolic disorders, even before the symptoms start showing up so that they can be managed at an early stage to reduce or even eliminate the burden of disease”.

The technology has been proven to be more accurate than current screening methods and has also been found to drastically reduce the false-positive reporting thereby avoiding unnecessary follow-up tests and anxiety for parents, LifeCell said.