Do not skip your workout

Intake of inappropriate food can mess with your routine

By Author  |  Dheeraja Manvi  |  Published: 9th Jan 2018  11:31 pmUpdated: 9th Jan 2018  8:27 pm
This year, do not let your workout resolutions dissolve in your lethargy. It is not an easy task to stick to the new routine, given the busy schedules. But, healthy routine such as workout is as important as any other chores. So, here are a few tricks which will help you from skipping the gym.

Early to bed

Chilling with Netflix till late hours will wreck your planned morning workout routine. It is recommended to go to bed no later than 10 pm. A good night’s sleep will give a fresh start to your day.

Workout partner

Have a gym partner who would keep you away from the idea of skipping. Be each other’s motivation and competitors. It’s time for a gym buddy!

Fitness goals

Who doesn’t dream of having body like Katrina’s or abs like Ranveer’s? Keep yourself motivated by constantly reminding yourself the goals. It might seem old school, but a poster in your room will do all the work in keeping you motivated. You can also put up a wallpaper in your phone or desktop.


Have mini goals and reward yourself when you reach them. It works great if you have a partner. You can reward each other and also assign each other the next challenge.

Right food

Don’t let your unhealthy food cravings ruin your strenuous workout. Intake of inappropriate food can mess with your routine. Healthy stomach is equal to fresh mind.
There are many applications and fitness gadgets to help you through your fitness routine. All you have to do is set your goals and there are endless resources to assist.