Does size matter?

If the band rides up or straps keep falling, you still haven’t found your right fit

By Author   |   Published: 9th Jan 2017   12:45 pm
size matter
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Yes, size does matter. Wonder what we are talking about? Enamor, the leading Indian lingerie online store, released a video, sometime ago, featuring a few women who were asked: Does size matter? Like many of us, they sheepishly laughed the question off. But, they were in for a surprise.

The size we are talking about is much more vital than vital statistics. It is about our bra size, choosing which is very important, yet we ignore. The right size will not only improve your posture but also ward off a lot of health issues that you are unaware of.

size matterThe video sums up well by saying that over 80 per centen wear the wrong bra size and we need to change that. The advert received a lot of likes, sharing and comments; with some alleging that it was just a good marketing strategy and others questioning what good could wearing the right bra do. The comments only showed how negligent many of us are about the many dangers the bras can lead us to.

Some of the health effects could be back pain, especially for women who have larger bust and wear ill-fitting bra. Neck pain, sagging breasts and skin rash could be other problems too. Among all these, breast pain is the most common issue and it’s usually because of your bra size which causes the discomfort.

Most lingerie stores in the city have salespersons who are given training, at least once a month, to help customers find their perfect fit. So, enquire and ask them to help you find the right size. “I remember getting my measurements in the store after a friend suggested that changing my bra size might reduce the breast pain,” says Priyanka, a resident of Uppal.

A perfect bra will lift the bust and automatically improve one’s posture making one look slimmer and taller. Hence, make sure to check the size of your bust every six months and get the appropriate bra.