Don’t snip off those edges

Environmentalists are urging people not to tear off the corners of their milk sachet to conserve marine life and reduce plastic waste

By Author  |  Published: 15th Mar 2019  7:30 pm

For the past two-three days, a mundane image of a milk sachet may have popped in many people’s feeds to drive home a very important message about global warming. Underneath the snapshot of a milk packet with the edge snipped partially, is the caption that runs, “If you use milk packets at home, please don’t snip off the corner to pour out the milk. Difficult to filter or upcycle those miniscule triangles of plastic can kill hundreds of marine animals and obstruct the easy flow of water.”

There seems to be a concentrated effort not to add further to the rising levels of garbage which finds its way to landfills and water bodies. The message also highlights that every year close to 30 lakh tiny pieces of plastic are snipped off from milk sachets and tossed in the garbage. News feeds are circulating this message, both on social media and other platforms. Of course, the reaction to the message has been mixed. Some are lauding it, while others say that it’s the resposibility of the companies which package dairy products in such packets and it’s unfair to shift the blame on just consumers. People are also calling for an eco-friendly alternative so that such waste is avoided considerably.