Don’t wear out your knees

Extreme running can hurt you in more ways than one, say fitness experts.

By Author  |  Published: 31st Jan 2017  11:14 pmUpdated: 1st Feb 2017  1:01 am
Running can damage your knees
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Running, as a fad, has attained epic proportion in the last few years. Everybody wants to run, which is a good thing, as long as one knows when to slow down. More importantly, fitness trainers say, it is important to know exactly what you want from your body. If one wants to get fit, look muscular and even gain macho strength, running is not the best way to get there. In fact, running will keep you from getting there.

“Few people are aware that running has to be limited, unless you are an endurance athlete,” says Yahiya Khan, a personal fitness trainer and resident of Nampally. So, unless you’re a professional runner, you shouldn’t be running long and hard. Khan feels that running simply takes away muscle from your body as much as it does fat, but young men these days think running keeps your muscle intact and just cuts down the fat. 

“I have seen quite a few young ones hurting themselves and losing their good looks by running way too much. They used to look good. Now they have no fat but they have no muscle as well,” he adds.

Founder-director of the fitness academy RK Body and Soul, Rakesh Rathod says anybody who is running more than their legs can take might well be hurting their knees. “There’s much more to fitness than celebrity trends. Running extremely long distances will wear out your knees much earlier than they would otherwise last, and there is no treatment or cure for that. You also put your heart at risk if you cross limits in cardiovascular exercise,” he says.

Men collapsing while running on treadmills has become a common tragedy these days. Fitness experts say it is better to avoid 10K runs once in a year if you are not used to running every day.

“For both men and women, gym training is a much better option than taking fervently to running on the ground. Some cardio, some weightlifting, and, most importantly, timely rest – this is how you get fit. Leg muscles need to be strengthened by weight-lifting exercise so that they can take long bouts of running. It is always better to have professional guidance in matters of health and fitness. Better safe than sorry,” says Rathod.