To download or not is the question

Smartphone apps have made us more productive, stress-free and highly engaging. The question is can you trust every app you come across?

By   |  Published: 15th Nov 2019  5:38 pmUpdated: 15th Nov 2019  10:31 pm

Have you ever forgotten your phone at home? If you have, you might recollect how dreadful your entire day was and you ended up being less productive because you were so restless until you got back. It surely would be an understatement to say that smartphones have taken up a huge chunk of our lives. But what is it about these smartphones that keeps us all glued to the screens? If you guessed apps, you’re absolutely right!

Smartphone apps have made us more productive, stress-free and highly engaging. The question is can you trust every app you come across?

Malicious smartphone apps provide easy access to your iOS and Android devices. And there are countless unreliable and potentially dangerous apps lurking around in app stores trying to outsmart your smartphone!

These apps convince you as though they’ll be very useful in your life and showcase themselves as banking, photo editing, junk file cleaning, battery saving, collage making and anti-virus apps. By downloading them, you might be at a high risk of losing your confidential and private information like banking details, personal chats, photos and contact details.

The virus enters into your phone when the app displays tonnes of advertisements on your screen. It’s just a matter of a few seconds as the virus gets transferred into your phone extracting your essential details. The point to be noted is that free apps that display ads in their unpaid versions might be frustrating, but they’re not necessarily fraudulent. But, the sole purpose of designing these harmful apps is to deliver ads filled with virus, making you vulnerable and a victim of cyber-crimes.

Google Play Protect helps you keep your device safe and secure by checking the apps when you install them and by periodically scanning your device. If in case Google finds a potentially harmful app, it sends you a notification to remove the app.

Apart from that, you can do your bit too by downloading apps from reputable stores and viewing details while granting excessive permissions, reporting unusual issues on your smartphone like data usage, battery-life drainage or if your phone suddenly becomes too slow and apps take longer to load. And lastly, beware as these destructive apps join countless others in delivering adware and generating fraudulent revenue for their operators, only making you a victim of their deceitful practices!

Top harmful apps that can harm your smartphone

  • AppLock Privacy Protector
  • Photo Collage, QuickPic
  • QR Code Free Scan
  • Clean Master, CLEAN It
  • Call Recorder Pro, Truecaller
  • DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge
  • WiFi Security Master – WiFi Analyzer, Speed Test
  • Dolphin Web Browser, UC Browser
  • ES File Explorer
  • Almost every Anti-Virus App