Eat more of green veggies for great vision

Why good eyesight is crucial to avoid injuries while you are hefting weights in the gym

By Author  |  Published: 3rd Sep 2019  7:11 pmUpdated: 3rd Sep 2019  7:42 pm

Many above the age of 40 suffer with myopia and need to wear glasses to correct their visionary focal length. The reason why I have made the above statement is for everyone to take care of our only windows through which we can see and observe the world.

When a person takes a bar off the rack to do a squat and after performing a couple of repetitions, in an exhausted state, tries to place the bar back, it requires good eye sight to make a proper judgment between the rack and the bar.

Many a times, due to poor eyesight, it can result in fatal accidents. Another instance where good eyesight is required is in the sport of golf. A golfer, in order to hit the ball accurately needs a hawk eye or a 20/10 vision which is far more superior than a normal eye. To obtain this vision, golfers undergo an operation called Lasik eye surgery.

One famous golfer who underwent this surgery is Tiger woods in 1999.Most of the eye-related problems resides in two diseases – cataracts and macular degeneration today. Cataract formation involves clouding of the eye lens, and correction involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. Macular degeneration is an irreversible condition of blindness affecting a majority of septuagenarians.

As the name suggests it involves destruction of the macula which is a biochemical intersection in the eye ; where the incoming light energy is transformed into a nerve signal and for this the macula must be functional. This incoming light reacts with the fatty acids around the macula and produces a low level of highly reactive free radicals.

These free radicals destroy the neighbouring tissue and the macula as well. Fortunately, this free radical damage can be controlled and eliminated through consumption of antioxidants found plenty in fruits and vegetables.

Many researchers have conducted various case studies and found that higher intake of carotenoids and lutein (A chemical) is associated with low rates of macular degeneration and age related cataracts and the very same subjects who were used as case studies when given supplements of vitamin A ( retinol), vitamin C and vitamin E which claim to be antioxidants showed little or no beneficial effects.

While supplements may give great wealth to their manufacturers, they will not give great health to their consumers. Carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin are antioxidants and chemicals found in spinach and green leafy vegetables, broccoli, carrots, collard greens and sweet potatoes. The ability of these chemicals to reduce and scavenge free radical damage are well-established and documented.

Cataracts and macular degeneration both are an occurrence of a failure in consuming less of highly naturally coloured and green vegetables. A plant-based vegetarian diet from all perspectives is better than the adopted western diet pound for pound.