ECIL inaugurates new solar power plant in Hyderabad to save electricity

The total investment for this plant is Rs 2.80 crore, and the plant life is 25 years.

By Author  |  Published: 7th Sep 2017  5:30 pm
ECIL-solar-plant-solar cells
File photo of solar panels

Hyderabad: The Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) has set up a 500 KW rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant at its factory in Hyderabad, a statement issued on Thursday read.

ECIL chairman and managing director Debashis Das inaugurated the solar power plant in the presence of ECIL director (personnel) VSB Babu at a function held on Thursday.

According to the ECIL statement, as part of the Centre’s commitment towards establishing sustainable alternative energy sources, this 500 KW solar PV power plant, apart from generating solar power, will make significant contribution towards creating solar power capacity, and demonstrate its potential as a stable and reliable sources of alternative energy.

ECIL CMD Debashis Das inaugurating the power plant at ECIL factory in Hyderabad. Photo by arrangement

With the successful commissioning of this solar power plant, 2500 KWHr of power will be made available per day for captive consumption by ECIL.

To this extent, the power required from the grid will be reduced, and overall expenditure on electric power will be lowered.

This initiative in green energy aims to create the necessary awareness among its employees towards its commitment of generating alternative renewable sources of energy.

The total investment for this plant is Rs 2.80 crore, and the plant life is 25 years.

With an estimated generation of 7,50,000 units per year, it will reduce Rs 48.30 lakh in expenditure on electricity per year.

Also, with this green energy initiative, the carbon footprint will reduce at a rate of 1000 Kg of Co2 per day.