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Eco friendly water purification tech for water ATMs

Hyderabad: The municipal authorities appear to have zeroed in on an appropriate water purifying technology to be employed in 250 Any Time Water (ATW) or water ATM machines in the city.

Instead of the conventional Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to purify water, the GHMC and Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB), in all probability will adopt the eco-friendly water treatment system developed by Swedish-based company Josab, which uses a naturally occurring mineral Geolite to purify water.

According to Project Engineer, Josab, B Dinesh Reddy, RO technology involves high water wastage, high energy consumption and important significant minerals are lost from water during the process of purification.

“Ours is a natural way of purifying water using a naturally occurring mineral Zeolite. During the purification, natural minerals are retained, there is zero wastage, no use of chemicals, low energy consumption, low maintenance and the process is eco-friendly,” Dinesh Reddy said.

The Josab official said that by February, close to 54 locations in Hyderabad will have such water ATM machines. The GHMC and water board are planning to provide quality drinking water at a cost of just Rs 1 per litre by using Josab technology.

“This is one of the best mass market water ATM projects for common people that doesn’t exist anywhere in India. The State government’s decision to provide best quality water through this technology will reduce water-borne ailments and will have a positive impact on the environment,” said CEO, Josab India, Dennis Abraham in a statement.