Ego: Looks dull with its prolonged episodes

Film: Ego Director: Subrahmanyam RV Cast: Aashish Raj, Simran, Diksha Panth, Rao Ramesh, Ajay

By Author  |  Published: 19th Jan 2018  4:32 pm
Ego movie poster

After the big Sankranthi releases, Telugu film ‘Ego’ hit the screens without any hype.
If the narrative manages to catch the attention of viewers, then the movie can be a jackpot for makers as it has no big releases to compete with this week.

The movie shuffles between Amalapuram and Hyderabad due to the consequences of ‘Ego’ between the lead pair. Interestingly, the director further elaborated the title as ‘Indu Gopi’ after the lead characters.

Indu (Simran) and Gopi (Aashish Raj) are always engaged in a bitter tussle to gain dominance over each other even while holding back their tender feelings for each other. However, Gopi’s life takes a U turn, when he poses for a selfie with Poorvi (Diksha Panth), who later gets murdered. The remaining story is all about the connection of the protagonist with the murder.

Director Subrahmanyam RV runs the first half completely on humour notes. Though it attracts the audience with the presence of Prudhvi Raj and his comedy, the narration seems prolonged and tests the patience levels with unattractive episodes between the lead cast.

In the second half too, the director’s style looks tad dragging until the narrative heads for climax. Then on, some interesting screenplay takes over to make the plot gripping with the episodes of investigations into the murder. At points, the storytelling takes the viewers with surprise.

On the acting front, Aashish Raj and Simran leaves does their best and same happens to be the case with Diksha Panth, though her character had a greater potential to perform. Rao Ramesh’s dialogue delivery fails to strike right notes while Ajay in his cop role holds attention.

Sai Kartheek’s background score gets big thumbs up. The rich production values by the makers are another plus.