Embrace the joy of decluttering

Taking off certain digital tools from your life will leave you with more time for yourself

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jan 2019  9:31 pm
Delete away

Technology is meant to help make our life simpler, but so dependent have we become on it, that the irony is, today, half our time is taken up by apps, digital to-do lists and answering emails.

When not working, either we are on our phones texting or iPads reading some work-related subjects. Such habits over time create lot of digital clutter in our lives overtime.

The concept of decluttering our digital life even has a name, it’s called digital minimalism. The idea is removing items that don’t have any value in our lives.

But, what stops many from actually doing that is the Fomo. However, missing out is not always bad, it alright if he miss some things, heaven and earth will not fall apart because of it.

So once you accept that, get started on surveying each digital tool and service which you feel takes attention from the more important things in your life. Take a look at the accumulated items like apps, tools, devices and question yourself, when was the last time you used them.

Digital clutter can be anything, like your inbox, a brimming memory card which still carries pictures from your 2010 holiday, your desktop has some files dating to ‘90s, your phone has unread notifications on the top from countless apps, messages from Facebook and Twitter that you haven’t read and birthday reminders of some 648 closest ‘friends’.Delete away

Not to mention your overflowing contact list, where each contact has multiple entries.

And, surprisingly, we tend to come up with the same excuses that we use for the physical clutter which goes something like this…. ‘what if I need it someday’, ‘I spent a lot of money on it’, ‘I like it’….and the excuses run on.

So whether you have paid for that game or app, ask yourself, when was the last time you played it, or do you really need eight pictures of the same pose.

Embrace being incommunicado, although extreme, you will realise how much of your time is actually spent on unimportant matters. When you make it harder for other people to contact you, only the most important messages will trickle into your inbox.

Walking a path which takes you away from the conventional one is difficult, but not taking it is a disservice to ourselves.

What is normal today is letting technology take over our every part of life, whether it adds value or not. In the long run, your mind and body will tank you.