Enjoy contemporary Indian food at Farzi Café

Farzi Café is exceptionally spacious, modern in style and their food is bound to give you a luxurious and delicious experience

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jan 2018  11:26 pmUpdated: 13th Jan 2018  8:53 pm

It has been barely two months since Farzi Café set its foot in Jubilee Hills, but this restaurant has already made its appearance in the ‘favourite dine-out places’ list of many Hyderabadis. Not just dine, but to have a luxurious and delicious experience.

With the capacity to host about 220 people, the property is exceptionally spacious and modern in style. It is surrounded by greenery, and the creepers on the grills at the entrance are bound to beautify the place when they grow. There are three bar sections and a separate space for anybody who wants to host a private party. At Farzi Café, which is one of the signature restaurants of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd, hospitality and presentation are all set to win your good remarks.

The staff know what they are serving and there is no need for the chef to come running in order to explain the dishes. But, when the house gets busy, you need a little patience to meet their eyes. Prior reservation would be a wise thing to do when you want to visit this place, with no exception during week days or for lunch.

Rolling out the best of Farzi Café, their take on Indian food with a modern twist and extensive use of molecular gastronomy elements are worth a try. Also, the layout of the menu will remind you of your school days. For starters, vegetarians shouldn’t hesitate to give Dal Chawal Arancini a try, which is layered with salsa, topped with mini papad roll — it has a pinch of spiciness and is crunchy.

For seafood lovers, the Tempura fried prawns, is a must try. It comes with flying fish eggs, edible flower and foam, which is made with lemon and chilli. In the main course, the Bheja fry fresh coriander and cumin appam will impress you. Here, the appam, which is black in colour is the highlight of the dish. The colour is because of the shredded coconut shell, which is said to be healthy. If you like your food to be spicy, you may want to send in your request to the chef.

For the desserts, Pheni bird nest is an impressive take on crispy Pheni with two rasgullas and thick milk. Parle-G cheesecake and Rasmalai tres leches, saffron milk, rose petal are other signature Farzified desserts.

Farzi Café is overall a place that offers fine food, ambience and crowd. Personally, I enjoyed the vibe the place radiates and the whole set-up more than the food. A cost for two would approximately come up to Rs 1,700.