Enjoy haleem throughout the year

Keeping in mind the customer’s needs, Grand Hotel decides to serve this nutricious dish everyday.

By Author  |  Published: 12th Feb 2017  7:48 pm
Hotel worker sat on stove to sell haleem. Photo: by Arrangement

Karimnagar: Haleem is a famous dish that is prepared during the month of Ramzan. Muslims, who observe Roza (fasting) would break their fast with this nutritious dish. But over the years, it is not just Muslims, but people belonging to other religions are also showing must interest to munch on this delicious and nutritious non-vegetarian food.

It is during the Ramzan month, a lot of eateries set up small food outlets to sell both mutton and chicken haleem. Whereas proper restaurants usually include it in the menu, and would wind it up on the last day of the festival.

But unlike others, the Karimnagar based eatery, Grand Hotel is making the dish available for the customers throughout the year. Grand hotel, which was started in 1956, is one of the oldest eateries in the town, which is located in front of Government Junior College.

Customers can get Chicken Haleem every day through the year, Mutton Haleem would be available only for two days (Friday and Sunday) in a week. Besides Haleem, Biryani, Paya, Kababs, and other veg and non-vegetarian items are also available

Speaking to the Telangana Today, Jawahar, owner of the hotel, said that though the sale of the dish is less compared to Ramzan season, they have decided to prepare it every day to fulfil the desire of haleem lovers.” Every day, about 40 to 50 customers would eat the dish but the figure was 500 during the time of Ramzan month,” he shared.