Equip yourself with these must-haves while travelling solo

Make these things a part of your journey for comfortable travel

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2017  11:03 pmUpdated: 21st May 2017  1:01 am
Travel Hacks
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Travelling solo? Make the adventurous activity safer by equipping yourself with a first-aid kit, comfortable shoes, luggage tracker and more.

Rishabh Beria, managing director, Janus Aviation and co-founder, AirWhizz — a mobile app for air travel, and Kapil Goswamy, founder of the travel portal BigBreaks.com, provide a list of items you should keep while travelling:

First-aid kit
It is of the utmost importance for a solo traveller, be it a woman or a man, to carry a first-aid kit along with them. One should make sure to carry all the needed medications and the prescriptions to avoid any uncertainty. Along with the medicines, it is vital that a woman carries a pepper spray and a few products for hygiene care in order to keep away from an unhealthy or unhygienic situation or environment.

Airport convenience app
To fight your airport blues of the never-ending wait at several stages of getting through the airport and then finally arriving at the destination, several apps have been developed for passengers to brisk their way through the airport formalities.

Comfortable shoes
You can never underestimate the power of a nice pair of shoes or sandals or sneakers. They are your ultimate saviour and help you go places with the comfort that facilitates to conserve one’s travel energy. It is, therefore, mandatory to pack a nice pair of comfortable shoes to fight the exhaustion caused as an after-effect of travelling. They’ll conserve your energy and keep you from going into the snooze mode.