Excessive exercise can also cause trouble

Experts advise people to follow proper diet and workout regimen to be healthy

By   |  Published: 20th Jun 2017  11:51 pm

Exercising is one of the best things that can ever happen to our body. Just like anything else, even body needs its share of fun; and exercising is fun. But it can become an addiction if it goes overboard.

Like other addictions and obsessions, it also comes with its share of problems and we should know how to tackle it. Every part of the body needs rest and if it does not get the necessary break, it tends to become weak. City-based fitness expert Rakesh Rathod gives some advice on how over exercising can affect you.

ExercisingTakes a toll
Anything excess is not good. It is true that exercising will help in reducing body fats, and keeps you fit. But one should also remember that excess exercise will ruin the balance of the body. “Once you start over-exercising, the body starts losing all its vital nutrients which will cause a lot of health problems,” he says. Rakesh mentions that the bones will become weak and, after sometime, you will start feeling tired and lethargic.

Ruins body clock
Many regulars do not like to skip their exercise schedule, so they try to squeeze it in whenever possible. “But that is not right, as it can cause severe health problems,” shares Rakesh. He mentions that there are people who even go to their workout at three in the morning because they will not be able to do it later. “It is really dangerous as it disturbs the natural body clock which will lead to toxic formation,” he adds.

This is a form of controlling the food and other addictions. Many people think that because they overate, they should exercise for a long time. “Some people also use exercise as a means to escape their anxiety issues or any other life problems,” he says. Rakesh mentions that many people also indulge in unhealthy regimes to keep their calories under control which is a bad practice.