Exercise without falling

By   |  Published: 9th Jul 2017  9:39 pm

Anvayaa Kincare, Hyderabad-based elder care firm organised fall prevention exercises at KBR Park under the supervision of renowned healthcare expert, Dr Anjali Agarwal.

One of the most overlooked health threats elders face is falling. “With age advancing, a decrease in muscle tone, eyesight deterioration, slower reflexes and more brittle bones bother them,” Dr Anjali Agarwal shared. Anvayaa came up with a few simple exercises that can prevent an elderly person from having any major medical issues like fractures, back pain etc.

Prashanth Reddy, Founder, Anvayaa Kincare said that the event is to increase the focus on wellness, preventive healthcare tips, better diet and regular exercise habits of the elderly people.  As a part of the event, Nishumbita group did a street play to educate the elderly people.