Experience the joy of flight

A review of Sky, a game replete with magic and soaring

By Author  |  Published: 10th Aug 2019  7:57 pm
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Flow, Flower and Journey are some of the most enchanting experiences of play that one can find on a video game console. Games based on the simplest of premises, they make you feel light and, at times, therapeutic as you surrender yourself to the flow of pristine environments.

Thatgamecompany (developer of all the three above-mentioned games) has established itself as a maker of games that redefine how games are meant to be played. As politicians world over (Trump, et al.,) blame video games for increased gun violence, Sky is the continuation of a legacy that can cause players to enter a zen state of existence.

At the outset, I was lucky enough to play Sky in the game’s pre-release phases. I was able to encounter first-hand, the various challenges faced by a developer trying to embrace not only a new platform but an entirely new mode of engagement. Since launch, however, the game feels a lot more polished and the overall feel just seems a bit lighter and less cumbersome.

As the name suggests, this is a game set in the heavens and everything about the game is set on a celestial platform. Like its predecessors, Sky begins right away as you figure out the game’s purpose, plot and backstory by exploring the world.

Most of the game is about flight as you feel Sky is the perfect combination of Flower and Journey. However, there are new co-op elements here that are necessary to overcome puzzles.
The magic of this game, though, is not in finishing it or overcoming its challenges but enjoying every moment of its journey as you feel yourself float amongst the clouds and marvel at the most beautiful landscapes one can possibly see.

This is a game of sheer beauty and magnificent sound, an experience that, at times, overwhelms the senses and almost makes you soar and feel joyous as the birds chirp in your ears and you flit from one point to another.Words cannot do this game justice, it must be played. Perfect for rainy weekends.