Exposing the falsehood

AuthorPublished: 30th Sep 2019  12:08 amUpdated: 29th Sep 2019  11:37 pm

The point-by-point rebuttal to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s hate speech at the United Nations General Assembly has demonstrated India’s moral strength at the global stage and exposed the futility of Islamabad’s repeated attempts to internationalise Kashmir on the basis of false narratives. It just took less than six minutes for Vidisha Maitra, First Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, to demolish the pack of lies that Khan had presented earlier. Pakistan stood thoroughly exposed in the eyes of the global community for its nuclear sabre-rattling and its thinly disguised agenda to instigate communal tensions in the neighbouring country. Khan was taken to task for his callous portrayal of the world in binary terms and for issuing threat of war over Kashmir which has, and will remain, an integral part of India. India has called his bluff by pointing out that the country, with a millennia-old heritage of diversity and pluralism was carrying out the mainstreaming of Jammu and Kashmir within its vibrant democratic set-up and how its citizens did not need anyone else, “least of all those who have built an industry of terrorism from an ideology of hate”, to speak on their behalf. The rebuttal has clearly brought out the contrast in the conduct of the leadership of the two countries at the global stage and exposed Khan’s clumsy and puerile attempts to view the world from the narrow prism of religious identity.

India has rightly hauled up Khan for using phrases like `pogrom’, `bloodbath’, `racial superiority’ and `fight to the end’ in his 50-minute long rant which reflected a medieval mind-set and not a 21st Century vision. Barring a few exceptions, the global community is by and large convinced that Kashmir is an integral part of India and any policy interventions for its rapid development is purely an internal matter of the country. It would be a gross miscalculation if Islamabad thinks that it can provoke Indian Muslims to revolt against their government by making a common cause with Islam and playing the global victimhood card. Secularism is at the core of India’s existence and nothing can shake people’s faith in communal harmony, diversity and peaceful co-existence. Pakistan must realise that its diabolic project of using religion to create unrest has fallen flat and its policy of using terrorism as an instrument of state policy has been thoroughly exposed. The biggest and most influential Muslim organisation, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, with a membership of over one crore, has supported the Centre’s move on article 370 and asked Pakistan to stay away from India’s internal matters. It would be futile for Pakistan to project itself as a champion of human rights when its own track record back home is pathetic.

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