Expressing emotions through songs

Budding singer Hanita Bhambri opens up on what makes her music click, in a tête-à-tête during her album release tour with her band

By Author  |  Published: 10th Aug 2019  9:19 pmUpdated: 22nd Sep 2019  1:09 pm

Music today is not just limited to the ones in the music industry but the wings are spreading even towards commoners with talent. One such talented singer is Hanita Bhambri, who stepped towards making music right after her MBA. “I decided that I wanted to do music but didn’t know what exactly my area was. So, I started learning guitar and music theory and in that process I wanted to release my own music,” says the 23-year-old singer.

From being a shy kid, Hanita has come a long way performing in front of a crowd, “I find it easier to talk to people as a group where I can express my emotions without the fear of being judged which usually doesn’t happen in my private life. It gives me a chance to be myself onstage. Though in the beginning it was nerve-wracking but, slowly, I began getting comfortable on the stage.”

Most of Hanita’s songs are a mix of her real-life experiences and a little bit of fiction. Love and loneliness being her strengths in making songs, the budding artiste explains, “When I’m extremely happy, I want to cherish it and be in the moment instead of documenting it. And writing about my low moments help me gear up. Like, when I hear something that I’ve written when I was sad, and if the outcome is good, it brings me joy and makes me forget all the negative emotions.”

The singer also plans to make songs on her thoughts or things that worry her, in her future albums.After the release of her album Nothing of Our Own, the singer is on an EP release tour with her band of three with Vignesh Iyer playing the electric guitar and Divakar Nambiath behind the keys. “Our motive behind this tour is that we want to expand our audience and also for people to know that we sound better live. Every person who has attended our shows has walked up to me and said I sound better live than in my record.”