Falaknuma Das will change how remakes are made

Falaknuma Das is a remake of Malayalam original movie Angamaly Diaries.

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2019  7:09 pm
Falaknuma Das

Although the movie Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi earned him fame, it hasn’t satisfied Vishwak Sen as his debut directorial venture Falaknuma Das, which is gearing up for release on May 31. “It’s been an exhaustive year as I’ve been working on the film. I am quite relieved and excited about the release. It is like waiting for exam results which are due to decide my fate. After screening a premiere show for my friends and well-wishers, you can make it out from my face. Doesn’t it look illuminated?\” he told Tabloid Today with a sense self-satisfaction. “I think I have incorporated everything I dreamt of and visualised in the movie. Happy that overall response was quite good and encouraging,” he added.

Director Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, who forayed into acting with Falaknuma Das, was a little apprehensive about Vishwak Sen’s decision to direct a movie, initially. “Firstly, when I had heard that Vishwak was directing a movie, I tried to pacify him, calm him down. I grilled him with questions about the nuances of filmmaking — short list, cut, etc. Immediately, he showed me his recent short film; I got into his trap, albeit half-convincingly. I was stumped with his technical brilliance during the sets,” says Tharun, who is playing a ruthless inspector in the film.

“Being an advocate of good cinema, I felt these are the kind of stories that are drawn from our culture which explore emotions, relationships and daily life. And yes, Falaknuma Das is a remake of Malayalam original movie Angamaly Diaries. And Vishwak Sen has proved how good remakes are made. Freedom, creative expression, thought-provoking, I can assure 100 per cent originality in it,” Tharun says thanking Suresh Productions for encouraging young talent.
Prominent producer Suresh Babu said he is quite satisfied with the output and efforts from the director Vishwak Sen and Tharun Bhascker.

“New lot of filmmakers have been cropping up and Falaknuma Das stands apart from the regular movies. It is a commercial movie with artistic elements induced in it. Similar movies have become renowned internationally. Every effort from Vishwak has been made with sheer passion,” he says.