Fare collection made easy by Hyderabad Metro Rail

Automatic fare collection system will provide Contactless Smart Card and Contactless Smart Token.

By Author  |  Published: 17th Nov 2017  12:00 amUpdated: 16th Nov 2017  8:24 pm
Hyderabad Metro Rail Stations
File Photo: Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad: Travelling in Hyderabad Metro, officials say, will be a different experience altogether.

And the difference starts with the ticket itself. Hyderabad Metro Rail, discarding conventional ticket dispensing practices, will have an automatic fare collection system.

The tickets will be of two types, the Contactless Smart Card (CSC) and the Contactless Smart Token. Passengers can purchase tokens at the counters at Metro stations or from automatic vending machines similar to those being used at different railway stations.

Tokens can be purchased for a single trip between two stations or for a complete ride on a corridor and even a return trip. Likewise, smart cards are stored value cards just like a mobile prepaid card.

Passengers can use either of the options with ease at the Metro stations. After purchasing the tokens or smart cards, passengers will have to head towards the automatic entry gates and present the same to the contactless scanner or reader located on the automatic gate.

If the tokens are valid or the smart card has sufficient balance, the gates will automatically open and permit the passenger to pass through. These gates divide the station area into ‘Paid’ and ‘Unpaid’ areas.

Only ticket holders will be permitted into the paid area, while others can use the station as foot over bridges to cross the road. They can use the toilets, ATMs and other facilities provided in the unpaid area, said a senior official from HMR.

For exit from the station, the passenger has to deposit the token at the Exit Gate. Those using the smart cards will have to present the card to contactless scanner or reader on the automatic gate. Passengers will be permitted to pass through only when all the conditions of a proper exit are met. The flaps of the automatic gate will be opened, facilitating the passenger to move ahead.

How the smart cards can be recharged?

It can be done using the Add value machines. HMR is also working on different provisions, including special apps, online options, bank tie-ups and so on.

What happens if a passenger wanders on station area after alighting from a train without passing through the automatic exit gates?

HMR staff will constantly monitor the movement of passengers through surveillance cameras. If anyone is suspected to be moving beyond the permitted time, they will be asked to clear the area immediately.