Farida, thuriya thuriya jaa…

A musical performance by Mir musicians mesmerise the audience.

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Jan 2017  11:16 pmUpdated: 22nd Jan 2017  8:59 pm
The Mirs performing at Lamakaan. Photo: By Arrangement

Enthusiasts from across the city thronged Lamakaan on Saturday night for a musical journey that was bound to be one of a kind. A bunch of Mir musicians from Rajasthan – Nazru Khan, Abdul Jabbar, Antar Khan, Manji Khan, Bassu Khan, Mode Khan and Sattar Khan – struck a chord with audience with their soulful renditions of the compositions by Sufi mystics. 

With the inescapable rustic charm, the musicians effortlessly teleported the audience to the folds of rural Rajasthan. The event that went on for two hours saw a houseful audience who applauded heartily at the end of each song and clapped along as the songs picked pace. The performers gladly complied with the audience’s demands towards the end.

The Mirs, a music community based in the Pugal region of Rajasthan are the hereditary singers of the Sufiyana Kalam. Their songs are mostly in Siraiki, a dialect of West Punjab, and are deft players of the been (a kind of bagpipe) and algoza (a double barrel wind instrument). 

“We make these instruments at our home, chiselling them out of bamboo,” said Nazru Khan. When asked about the experience in the city, he said, “Hyderabad has given us a very warm welcome and we would love to come back and perform for an audience as lovely as this.”

Engaging the audience in light-hearted conversations between the songs, the musicians established a connection which they maintained throughout the performance and later as well.

The performance titled Farida, thuriya thuriya jaa, was part of The Baba Farid Mir Project, supported under the Arts Practice Programme of India Foundation for the Arts.