Dressing out of the box

If you've suffocated your wild soul inside suits and blazers enough, let it breathe now.

By Author   |   Published: 9th Jan 2017   11:12 pm Updated: 9th Jan 2017   8:35 pm
Bohemian trends

By definition, bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. Amidst the shackles of daily life and societal pressures is a part of our soul longing for such dreams, adventure and art. If you can’t live that life you yearn for, you can at the least dress up like one. Here’s how.

Dash of denim
Denim and Bohemian go hand-in-hand. But no, we are not talking about the regular denim. “Go for washed or faded colours. Add distressed detailing and rips to accentuate the style,” says Archita Narayanam, whose brand under her own name is quite popular. This is bound to give you a ‘Do I look like I care’ look.

Art and attire
Bohemian basically means chucking the conventional. “To create a unique look, add a touch of art to your outfit. It could be an exotic, printed scarf or hand-painted, knit, embroided, shirts or pants,” Archita says. This one element is bound to bring your entire attire a makeover. You can also pair your clothes into a theme.

Experiment with prints
Go for the wide variety in print out there. Ditch the regular stripes for floral, animal and block prints. You can either go for a full on printed outfit, or pair a scarf, jacket or skirt with a relatively dull top.

Sandal saga
Although converse can also be counted in, sandals are one of the signature Bohemian styles. They don’t just look comfortable but also feels comfortable. It takes a certain swag to pull off sandals in a world ruled by shoes.

Other accessories
This is where you can go absolutely crazy. Grab those bracelets, anklets, rings and chains to enhance the Bohemian look. Silver is in trend now.Tattoos are also a thing that blends in with the style.