Fashion world unravels illuminated outfits

Recycled love seeks to become sustainable in light of climate change

By Author  |  Published: 8th Sep 2019  7:18 pm

Models across the world are gearing up for some artistic new collections for the Summer/Spring collection 2020. This year’s fashion shows have some unique ideas to enrich their ensembles.

Taoray Wang Spring collection showcased some of its best as models walked down the ramp. Taoray Wang’s inspiration was Colette who “lived a sensational life of love and rebellion.”

At times, you could feel both those things in the layered lace and rhinestone studded creations. But, at other times, the lace on lace felt less Victorian era provocative and more pieced together from the leftover bin at Moods Fabrics. Since 2017, Dirty Pineapple, the Shanghai-based design collective has fused the trendiness of casual streetwear with high-fashion aesthetics.

As the world looks for ways to become sustainable and undo centuries of destruction in light of climate change, Dirty Pineapple’s new line seeks to upend exhausted fashion trends with the concept, “Recycled Love”.