Feast for Carnactic music lovers

Audience gets a rare opportunity to listen to a versatile musician.

By Author  |  Published: 1st Feb 2019  11:51 pmUpdated: 2nd Feb 2019  11:17 am
Lalitha Krishna on Chitraveena at the Tyagaraja Aaradhana Music Festival. — Photos: Hrudayanand

Hyderabad: Carnatic music lovers from Hyderabad, on Friday, got a rare opportunity to meet and listen to a versatile artist who is at ease while playing three different musical instruments i.e. Veena, Chitraveena and Mandolin.

Vidushi Emani Lalitha Krishna from Chennai, on Chitraveena also known as Gotu Vaadyam, mesmerised crowds on the third day of Hyderabad Tyagaraja Aaradhana Music Festival (HTAMF).

Lalitha Krishna was introduced to music at the age of three and is an expert in Veena, Chitraveena and Mandolin, the stringed instruments. She mastered Chitraveena, a rare and tough instrument on her own at the age of 20 and completed a Diploma and pursued advanced techniques with maestro N Ravikiran.

The Chitraveena, looks like a veena, but there are no steps like in veena. It is played with a slide in a manner somewhat like a Hawaiian guitar. “Earlier they used to play the instrument with a cylindrical rose wood but now they are using Teflon rod, but I am sticking to the old method of playing,” says Krishna, who hails from a musical family.

Lalitha Krishna enthralled the audiences with their mellifluous performance as nimble fingers strum the 21 strings. Krishna says younger generation should be introduced to classical music and praised Sanskrit Foundation for conducting such a grand event.