Fermented foods for better health

Dominant in nutrients, low in calories and delightful in taste, these fermented foods are perfect additions to your diet

By Author  |  Rishika Bajjuri  |  Published: 16th May 2019  7:58 pmUpdated: 16th May 2019  8:01 pm
Tangy treats

Therapeutic uses aside, fermented foods are interesting as the mere action of breaking down yeast and bacteria can boost the nutritional content to a much higher level. Simple foods like milk, soy or wheat and rice can get converted into fascinating items with powerful flavours, and contribute to an overall healthier body.

Foods like these are especially popular in India, as the only requirement is having some good native knowledge of local raw materials from plant or animal sources. Whether dry or oily, they can be consumed in breakfast items such as vada, bajjis, and even South India’s favourite, dosa.


Made from lentils and rice that are soaked overnight, grounded and fermented until the batter rises, Uttapam is yet another classic breakfast dish that specialised in supplying you with an abundance of nutrients. Though it can be garnished with a variety of ingredients, it is traditionally sprinkled with toppings such as tomatoes, onions, chillies, capsicum, and coriander. Either dip a morsel in sambar or chutney to enjoy its true scrumptiousness.


This delicious food is made out of fermented rice batter, and is highly nutritious, in that it contains no sources of added sugars or saturated fats. Low in calories due to its minimal usage of oil, dosas are known to increases vitamin levels in the body as well as supply an ample quantity of proteins.


Tangy treats

An age-old tradition still prevalent in Indian households, the making of pickle has a sentimental for many. Undergoing anaerobic fermentation to attain the specific taste to each form of pickle, these tangy treats serve a multitude of purposes. From Gujarat’s sweet chhunda mango pickle to hot avakkaya pickle from our own state, pickles can act as compliments to cold curd, tasty accompaniment to tiffins or even as separate mixes themselves.