Be festival-ready

With a little care in choosing the attire, you can celebrate with no worry

By Author   |   Published: 9th Jan 2017   11:41 am
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Festivals involve a things from dressing up and celebrations to errands. Hence, to be comfortably and stylishly dressed is an art worth mastering.

  • Think out of the box
    It’s only natural for us to lay our hands on our respective traditional attires the moment we hear festival. But it’s about time we switch track. Giving the traditional wear a western touch is the in-thing now. Anarkalis bid adieu a long time ago, making way for desi palazzos.
  • Say no to floor-sweepers
    That heavily-studded lehenga might be tempting. But it is better to keep them away if you don’t want to collect all the dust and dirt on the floor. During festivals, the premises are bound to get messy. Not only will it spoil your long-flowing skirts and dupattas, it’s also going to be difficult dragging that thing everywhere.
  • No synthetics
    Festivals involve a lot of fire. Be it diyas or crackers. Synthetic clothes catch fire easily and hence it is advisable to avoid such clothes. In the hurly-burly atmosphere, you wouldn’t really have the time or patience to constantly keep an eye on your clothes.
  • High heels
    High heels are high maintenance. Unless you are the kind of person who sits in a corner and just watches others celebrate, it is convenient to keep the high heels aside and hand over the charge to flats or platform heels. Else, after all the masti when you finally take off the heels, your feet will for sure make you repent.