Australia sees first gay marriage after legalisation

The couple sealed the deal with the traditional kiss as congratulations poured in on social media.

By   |  Published: 16th Dec 2017  7:29 pmUpdated: 16th Dec 2017  7:58 pm
Lauren Price and Amy Laker become the first legal wife and wife couple in Australia's Sydney.

Hyderabad: It was a clear, sunny day with an Aussie style wedding taking place on a Saturday in Sydney, with love in the air and the couple exchanging vows but the obvious difference was that both of them were brides.

Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29 were Australia’s first ‘Mrs. & Mrs’. couple , after the country’s marriage equality law came into effect.

Photos showed the couple dressed in traditional white gowns, holding hands as they said “I do”.

The historic reform was given a royal assent from the Governor General on December 8, the final step in the process that began with a national vote in September, in which around 61 per cent of Australians supported the law to legalise same sex marriage.

“For us being legally married is more about automatically being next of kin … this is my child’s other mother, my wife,” Amy Laker was quoted saying, according to The Australian.

The marriage symbolized a major victory for gay rights campaigners in the country, with a new era dawning for equality.