Five amazing organic perfumes you should try

Made with natural ingredients, these fragrances are good for regular use

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Jan 2018  11:15 pmUpdated: 2nd Jan 2018  7:41 pm
organic perfumes

Going organic is the in-thing now. Whatever we are using, we want it to be organic. Going natural seems to be the motto of everyone’s life. And this has now taken over the perfume industry as well. The increasing demand for natural or organic perfumes paved the way to some of the best fragrances of all times. Made with flowers, fruits and some natural oils, these perfumes are a must in everyone’s daily routine.

Red Flower Ambrette

Ambrette is a natural musk extracted from seeds. This is blended with patchouli, black pepper and orange which create a refreshing and luscious fragrance. This is the best pick for any occasion and will keep you fresh for a long time. Do not forget to dab a little on your wrist when you go out on a date. It will add to your sensuous appeal.

Black Rosette

It is one of the most invisible perfumes made of pure, organic perfume oils. This has the best natural fragrances to offer and is quite difficult to resist. It is the organic perfume oils that give it an edge over the others. The perfume has the perfect balance of rose, spearmint, black tea and leather which all together create a refreshing fragrance.

Florascent Ylang

Ylang-ylang is one of the natural ingredients that is widely used in organic perfumes. This exotic flower has a very distinct smell to it. Mixed with tuberose and orange blossom, this turns into a refreshing perfume. The fragrance will make fall in love with it.

Indah Dewi Perfume Balm

This is a perfume in the form of a balm. It has a strong and impressive fragrance. Pure organic oils like  jasmine, vetiver, ylang-ylang, neroli and patchouli are used to make this. Coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax are mixed to give it that balm texture. All you need to do is apply it like a balm and enjoy the long-lasting fragrance.

Barcelona by La Bella Figura

This perfume can not only make you smell good, but will also keep your skin hydrated. The main ingredients are cognac, jasmine, and Sicilian lemon. It is made from Mediterranean plant ingredients.