Five places to travel with your girl gang

Beautiful places in India to travel when girls’ night outs aren’t enough

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2017  11:01 pmUpdated: 20th May 2017  8:21 pm
girl gang
Ladakh Monastery. source: Internet

Want to dance by the beach or lay gazing at the stars on a hill top with your best friends? Every girl gang has plans to travel and be free, adventurous and make memories to cherish for a lifetime. But often, plans remain sealed. So, take a look at this compilation of destinations where women in India can happily travel to, with their squad, as these are considered safer too.

Go Goa
For people alien to living near the beach, this is a good place to head to. While you try for a few adventure sports, enjoy the seafood, untie your hair, walk barefoot in the beach and, at night, have a bonfire party.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
A village in Himachal Pradesh frequented by people often, it’s a good place to find peace and take a break from the busy city life. This place is mostly visited by youngsters because it is pocket-friendly; there are nearby places like Malana that are as beautiful as Kasol and trekking is a common reason. “It is even more fun to be there when music festival and dance festival are happening,” says Nayana, an avid traveller who is currently in the city to explore Hyderabad.

Known as the City of Lakes, this amazing tourist destination in Rajasthan is a perfect stop for women who love history, architecture and art.

This is one of the top destinations for bikers, so if you and your girls are up for it, go for a road trip. It’s the journey that matters, and it’s going to be a hell lot of an adventure.

Another valley nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, this is a must-visit place for every girl gang. It’s cold but worth it. “Even though it’s very cold, the boat ride is a must,” says Rinmuani, who recently travelled to Manali with her girl squad. These places are thought to be enchanted because once you are there, you wish to go back often.