Flavours of veganism

Madhulika Jajodia makes the life of vegans easy with her homemade ice creams

By Author  |  Published: 9th Aug 2019  10:31 pmUpdated: 22nd Sep 2019  12:58 pm
Tasty treats
Madhulika Jajodia

A middle-aged woman in a casual outfit in the cosy confines of her home with three foster cats going around the place is Madhulika Jajodia. Having turned into a vegan seven years ago after her husband, Madhulika came up with an idea of making vegan ice creams at home.From making it just for family, she started giving it out to her friends and anybody who approached her. She named this retail from home Frozera.

Tasty treats“It started because of my two sons who also turned vegans lately. They used to complain that they couldn’t eat ice creams outside and so I tried making ice creams out of almond milk, cashew milk, soya milk and coconut milk for them,” explains Madhulika. “I learnt to make ice creams from someone who manufactures dairy ice creams. He taught me the dairy way and I converted it to the vegan way. I also have a commercial machine to keep the consistency of the ice cream intact,” she adds.

Madhulika also makes almond, cashew and coconut milk at home. Apart from using these milks for making ice creams, she sells the milk separately as well. In addition, she sells curd made of soya and cashew milk. “I’m planning to start making soya milk as well, as the market ones have preservatives and our ice creams are made of natural ingredients without preservatives. Also, we’ll soon be selling vegan cheese as well,” she says.

Tasty treats

After making vegan ice creams for three years, Madhulika is in a sabbatical for two months now. “We’re planning to upgrade and take our retail outside in the market,” says Madhulika who also shares her plans to play around with the flavours and come up with customisable flavours.
With a shelf life of six months, these vegan ice creams are also available in many flavours. “Apart from the regular flavours like butterscotch, strawberry and chocolate, we also have seasonal fruit flavours like custard apple, chikoo and also have paan (betel leaf) ice cream,” she concludes.
For more details, visit their facebook page ‘Frozera’.