Flying with children

Journeys with little ones get as tough as your unpreparedness.

By Author   |   Published: 24th Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 24th Dec 2016   7:45 pm
Kids in flight
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It is never easy to travel with kids, and the difficulty is shared by parents and fellow passengers alike. Kids, be they little babies or pre-teens, can get real nasty in confined spaces such as the airplane cabins. So, what do you do? Here’s a list of essential etiquette rules to keep in mind before boarding the flight with small company…

Be patient
This may seem either too obvious or too optimistic, but your mood influences the mood of your children.
Try to be as patient and calm as you possibly can be, as a warm smile on your face is bound to keep your children happy.

Be compassionate
It is natural for parents to feel entitled, especially when they find themselves alone as parents in a flight, but that doesn’t mean it
is justified. Don’t expect the fellow passengers or the cabin crew to give your children attention and care — as author and etiquette consultant Jo Bryant says — it’s not their job, it’s yours. Air hostesses have better things to do than engage your children in silly games, and the fellow passengers do have a right to get annoyed if your kids are being noisy or jumpy.
Apologise and try to keep things under control rather than expecting others to simply put up with your children because they are ‘just kids’.

Be prepared
Nothing speaks of bad manners like last-minute worrying about missing milk bottles or the like. Keep everything ready for the flight, so that your children have enough food, water and games to last the flight without making a fuss.