Follow few things to get that celeb-like look for men

By Author  |  Published: 24th Jun 2018  7:43 pm
celeb look

Guys, apart from your daily basic grooming needs like shaving, there are a few other things that you can follow on a monthly basis for that picture-perfect look.

Beards & moustache

Though you might be trimming and shaving daily, you do need to visit a professional, every once in a while, who can offer their expert advice regarding your moustache and beard. Especially with long beards and moustache being in vogue, it is all the more essential to understand the kind of style that suits you and also style it often.


Be it long, medium or short, only a hair expert can style it well. Apart from the occasional trims and cuts, if you want to look a certain way, then go to an expert. Hair spa, colouring and warm oil massages can have one dedicated day monthly for an all-round hair-care.

Unwanted hair

If you get your eyebrows done regularly, then don’t forget to make your monthly appointment for the same. Waxing arms, legs and chest is no longer confined to the celebs. A majority of men are adopting this as their grooming routine.


For that well-groomed look, make sure the nose and ear hair are properly trimmed. Apart from this, the finger and toe-nails should be cleaned and filed regularly. Occasional manicure and pedicure will take care of this while giving you time to relax.


Massage is considered therapeutic for many reasons. It provides toning and gets rid of the toxins build-up. Different techniques and oils are recommended based on individual requirements.