Follow home isolation norms strictly

With almost 85% of patients asymptomatic, it’s important to monitor health condition regularly

By Author  |  Published: 1st Aug 2020  10:59 pmUpdated: 2nd Aug 2020  12:39 am

Hyderabad: About 65 per cent of the Covid-19 positive patients in Telangana are at present in home isolation. With such a large number of patients staying at home to recover from the infection, it’s important for them to follow home isolation guidelines strictly, which is vital to prevent the spread of the virus, in its tracks.

With almost 85 per cent of the home isolation patients in the State asymptomatic, it is even more important for them to understand their medical condition and not venture out just because they don’t have any symptoms. There is also a lot of confusion among Covid-19 positive patients about the right time to seek medical attention. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) makes it clear that Covid-19 patients must monitor their health status and look for symptoms.

Home isolation patients must have a separate room in their residence for self-isolation and to quarantine family contacts. Patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, organ transplant recipients, cancer patients etc. are not eligible for home isolation.

Such patients must have a care giver or at least a family member available round-the-clock in the house for emergencies. It is mandatory for them to maintain a communication link with a caregiver in the hospital and ideally, all the primary contacts of the positive patient must be put on Hydroxychloroquine.

Almost all the major private hospitals in Hyderabad are also offering home-isolation packages, which worth a try, as they provide access to medical assistance from qualified people.

When to get admitted to hospital?

1. Difficulty in breathing
2. Oxygen saturation drops below 95%
3. Persistent chest pain
4. Mental confusion
5. Slurred speech or seizures
6. Weakness or numbness in limb or face
7. Developing bluish discolorations of lips/face

When to discontinue home isolation?

1. Patients will stand discharged after 10 days of symptom onset and no fever for 3 days
2. After that, they should isolate at home and self-monitor health for
1 more week
3. No need for testing after the home isolation period is over

Instructions for patients

1. Use triple layer medical mask all times
2. Discard mask after 8 hrs of use or earlier if they become wet or soiled
3. Mask should be discarded only after disinfecting
4. Patient must stay in room and away from others, especially elderly and those with comorbidity
5. Take rest and drink lot of fluids to stay hydrated
6. Follow respiratory etiquettes, wash hands often or sanitize
7. Don’t share personal items, clean surfaces in the room like table tops, door knobs, handles, etc. with hypochlorite solution
8. Follow physician’s instructions and medication advice
9. Self-monitor daily temperature and Oxygen levels

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