For cruelty-free dissection

Froggiepedia elaborates on each phase of the life cycle of frog and has been named the 'most popular app of the year'

By Author  |  Published: 6th Dec 2018  11:01 pm

It’s common for science students to cringe at the thought of dissection; who wants to touch all those slimy beings and get close enough to see their internal organs? Well, Apple iPad’s new app, Froggiepedia, lets you dissect without getting grossed out. This app is both interesting and engaging, and also throws light on the tremendous growth and acceptance of AR technology.

The app is created by Designmate, a Mumbai-based company. It deals with the life cycle of frogs, focusing mainly on their anatomical details. The app was immensely popular among the audience and has been named the iPad app of the year by Apple.

Froggiepedia is originally an interactive learning app that helps the users in observing and understanding the life cycle of the frog, its growth from an egg to tadpole, froglet and, then, finally into a full-grown frog. Also, it allows the users to dissect a frog cruelty-free, i.e., without having to kill it and study its anatomy. It’s a pocket-friendly app, available at Rs 299 on the Apple store.