For the wordsmith out there

These applications would act as perfect companions for literature enthusiasts

By   |  Published: 26th May 2019  12:55 amUpdated: 25th May 2019  5:11 pm

Don’t you feel disheartened when there is nobody to discuss the new book you read? And doesn’t it hurt you even more when there is nobody to empathize with this feeling? Well, here is some good news for all the writers, poets, and readers out there.

Here are a few applications that will help you feel less alone with their exciting features.


Writing is somehow considered an activity that is done in solitude. But, when you transform it to a group activity, it is bound to give you a different high. HaikuJAM is an application that connects you with other writers who can help finish a poem you started. This is a platform that gives an opportunity to collaborate with people around the world. Just type what comes to your mind first and people will instantly write with you.


Mirakee is one of those apps that will keep you hooked for hours. This platform connects poets, writers, and reader through the power of words. Through Mirakee, writers can showcase their quotes, poems, stories, micro-tales, blogs, haikus or any other kinds of writings with stunning visuals. This application would provide a completely new experience of sharing your thoughts.


Thanks to the introverted nature of the writers, they are not really pros at building communities. For all those times that you felt the need for that community, the internet heard you and it presents Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT). With TTT, the writer can not only connect with the other writers but also gain a platform to post their works.


Poetry is an emotion which deserves to be shared with the world. Poetizer is a social network designed for the publication, sharing, and reading of poetry. Free of all visual clutter, Poetizer builds only on the most essential thing — a written word. Poetizer brings together a community of like-minded people who love poetry. If you want to make poetry a social activity, Poetizer is a perfect platform.