Formation of SRC and its mandate

The formation of Andhra State in 1953 resulted in increase of demands for Linguistic States all over the country more importantly from the Bombay state.

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After the accession of Princely States need was felt later to re-organise the entire country in a more reasonable and popularly acceptable States and Union Territories. In order to address this need, a State Reorganisation Committee was constituted in December 1953.


  1. The formation of Andhra State in 1953 resulted in increase of demands for Linguistic States all over the country more importantly from the Bombay state.
  2. Also the merger of the Princely States into the adjoining provinces increased the size of provinces

In this situation the Central Government felt the need to re-organise states.

Dates of appointment of SRC – December 29, 1953

Chairman – Justice Syed Fazal Ali

Members –

  1. HN Kunzuru
  2. Kovalam Madhava Panikar

February 23, 1954 the commission sort the opinion of the people on re-organization of states through a public notification and April 24, 1954 was fixed as the last date to send the opinions. In all, commission received 1,52,250 petitions, out of which it considered nearly 2,000 petitions.

Commission’s visit to Hyderabad State:

June 29, 1954 The SRC started its visit to Hyderabad state.

KV Ranga Reddy headed the committee of congress leaders which met the SRC to request for Telangana state.

On July 2, 1954, the SRC met the Raj Pramukh.

On July 8, 1954, the Hyderabad Pradesh Congress Committee met the SRC member and requested them for a Telangana state which included Bastar and Badrachalam.

On July 19, 1954, SRC member toured Karimnagar and Warangal districts.  At Warangal Kaloji Narayana Rao submitted a petition requesting for Vishala Andhra state

Anand Rao Thota on behalf of Teachers Union met Fazal Ali explained the need to form Telangana State in Deccani Urdu.

On September 6, 1954, the SRC started its visit to Andhra from Kurnool

Major recommendations of SRC

Date of submission of report – September 30, 1955.

  1. It rejected the theory of “One Language One State”.
  2. It stated that language cannot be the sole consideration for formation of states. Administrative convenience and unity and integrity of the country should be given more importance over language in formation of states.
  3. It recommended the formation of 16 states including the Hyderabad and Vidarbha states and 3 Union Territories

The Recommendation of SRC were implemented through the states Re-organisation Act 1956.  However, the Hyderabad & Vidarbha were not formed.  (WRG)

Recommendations of SRC on Vishala Andhra, Hyderabad and Telangana

Recommendations of Hyderabad + Andhra (Chapter 5 – Section 369 to 374) :


This chapter considers the future of Telugu speaking areas of the existing state of Hyderabad with particular reference to the demand for creation of Vishala Andhra.


Andhra State was formed on October 1, 1953. The Sri Bagh Pact was fully not implemented.  The Sri Bagh Pact on the basis of which the Andhra state was formed not was fully implemented by the Andhras in the new state and therefore there is a need for substantial examination of situations that may lead to creation of Vishala Andhra.


This section highlights the advantage of Vishala Andhra state.

  1. 32 million acres Land
  2. Large water & power resources
  3. Adequate resources (mineral wealth) and valuable raw-materials.
  4. The issue of finding a permanent capital for Andhra can be resolved as Hyderabad is well suited to be the capital of Vishala Andhra.


Another advantage of formation of Vishala Andhra will be that the development of Krishna and Godavari rivers will be under unified control.


Formation of Vishala Andhra will address the issue of scarcity of food grains in Telangana.  Telangana in years of scarcity (drought years) has sizable deficiency of food grains.  On the other hand, the existing Andhra state has surplus food grains which can be used for Telangana region.  Likewise, the existing Andhra state does not have coal mines and the formation of Vishala Andhra will allow Andhra to get their coal supplies from Singareni collaries. Telangana will be able to save on expenditure it incurs on general administration of Vishala Andhra is formed


The creation of Vishala Andhra is an Ideology.  A number of individuals and Public bodies have passionately supported this ideology.  This sentiment is entitled for consideration unless there are strong reasons opposing it.

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