From Turkey to Hyderabad

This sweet dish is made of a spice that looks exactly like supari.

By Author   |   Published: 10th Jan 2017   11:13 pm Updated: 10th Jan 2017   10:34 pm

Even though it is never mentioned in the list of must-have dishes of Hyderabad, Jauzi Halwa is one of the most delicious desserts made in the city, since the 19th century by Hameedi’s & Co in Nampally. The aroma of ghee and sugar which wafts out of the shop can make any passerby pause and have a bite. There are a few people who actually know about the dish and its mouthwatering taste.

Jauzi ka halwa is a Turkish dish, brought here when Mohammad Hussain, a Hyderabad-settled Turkish young boy, decided to put up a sweet shop with the famous desserts from Turkey. The making of this halwa is now followed as a legacy by the family members of Hussain.
Jauzi, a spice which is still imported from Turkey, is cooked for eight to nine long hours after mixing with milk, ghee, saffron and sugar. Although desserts like Akbari halwa and Badmi halwa are also available here, Jauzi Halwa has become the signature dish of Hameedi’s.

Ahmed, the grandson of Mohammed Hussain, takes care of the shop now. When asked about how it came up, he says, “Our grandfather always told us that the taste of our dishes spread wide and fast, and even reached the last Nizam, who decided to visit the shop and taste the sweet. He was so impressed by it that he named the shop after his son’s nickname. Since then, we have been making the desserts.”

This halwa, garnished with original silver and gold foil, is also exported to countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, as per the demand. The normal variety of Jauzi Halwa is available for Rs 500 per kilo while the special variety costs Rs 700/kilo.