A night on musical note

With narration and music in the air, Gallery Café was abuzz with an artistic aura.

By Author   |   Published: 5th Jan 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 5th Jan 2017   9:30 pm
Musical stories
‘Insomniac melodies’ at Gallery Cafe Hyderabad

As Inderjit Singh Soni made his way to the dais apparently empty-handed, the crowd grew curious. Is he going to sing a song or narrate a story? But, they were pleasantly surprised when he fished out a harmonica. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the session and applauded cheerfully after. 

Inderjit, who fell in love with the harmonica during his school days, said he often performs in Gallery Café. “I’ve been staying in Hyderabad since the ’70s. We even have a group named ‘Harmonica lovers of Hyderabad’. We gather at Indira Park every Sunday to play as well as learn more about the harmonica. The whole point is to popularise the instrument,” he said. Later, another member of the harmonica group named Kailash entertained the audience with a Rishi Kapoor melody. 

The night became more interesting as Armaan Farid took to the stage despite a fractured leg, to narrate love stories penned down by himself, accompanied by guitarist Akram Ul Haq. With Armaan’s expressive narration and Akram’s strums creating a beautiful background score, the audience grew keen. “I am sorry; my stories revolve around heartbreak. You might have assumed I am a depressing writer,” Armaan joked in between. 

Eminent flautist Nagaraj weaved a brilliant fusion with Akram later, enthralling the audience much. 

On popular demand, Nagaraj played a solo on Aabheri raga. Together, Akram and Nagaraj stirred nostalgia, belting out a couple of AR Rahman’s ’90s hits like Urvasi and Anjali. 

All in all, the event titled ‘Insomniac melodies’ kept its promise of fusing art beautifully, creating something unique that marked a memorable walk into 2017.