Gameloft bets big on India

French company developing games through its 21 studios worldwide to suit local markets

By Author  |  Published: 3rd Oct 2018  12:12 amUpdated: 2nd Oct 2018  9:45 pm
R&D-driven Gameloft is seeing increase in downloads in India.

Hyderabad: French video game developer and publisher Gameloft Software which has 21 studios globally, is developing new games across genre, matching its competencies. The company which has been receptive to local markets had been adopting the needs and expectations of the users/players in each market by bringing right products that suit them. The company finds India as a strategic market going forward and is drawing specific plans to grow here.

The company has been focusing on research and development. It had been a pioneer in gaming industry, having entered the space in 1999 when mobile gaming hasn’t picked yet. Having introduced the popular ‘snake’ game on Nokia devices, the company since then had been spending massive money on research and development and innovation.

Gameloft Software country manager Indian Sub-continent Nitin Goel told Telangana Today, “Gaming is something which is immersive in terms of experience. Gamers in India can be categorised as casual, mid-core and hard-core gamers. The nation as a market is still showing low penetration in terms of gaming consoles while mobiles are emerging as key medium for gaming.”

“In India, we are identifying the areas where we should actually focus on gaming development. There are few things that are coming up which are very specific to the market, which I can’t disclose at this moment,” he added.

Changing patterns

Mobile phones that are being introduced in the market such as Realme 2 Pro are going to enable users to use the device for entertainment and gaming is going to be a key component of that. This is going to make a major impact on gaming consumption.

Having the devices and data available at a reasonable price had been a barrier in India all these years. This space is being addressed gradually by all the stakeholders.

Gameloft has been witnessing users playing almost ten sessions a day, spending one hour a day on its games in India. This is massive compared to the time spent on watching TV each day. Unlike TV programmes where a viewer’s time is distributed across a variety of content, the gaming gives an immersive experience to the player who gets involved in it, he said.
Goel adds, “We have seen growth in terms of downloads and time spent on our games.

Gameloft, which has entered in India in 2013, has seen consistent growth in the last five years. There were certain necessary ingredients which were missing in the market that were resulting in the lower penetration in the overall market, but that is changing gradually.”

On the player patterns, Goel said kids, youth, women and men had been enjoying the games across genre. Kids like engaging games, women like casual games, youth like to play hardcore/combat games and men like to play strategy games. Gameloft has created gaming content for all the categories over the years.

When asked why the company doesn’t operate a studio in India yet, he said, “There are challenges to get resources with certain capabilities that are needed for the gaming development. We have to weigh our operations in terms of quality and cost. We are getting games developed elsewhere ensuring that the Indian users get good quality products though the cost of development is high.”