Games for the idle souls

Incrementals are all about gaming at your own pace

By Author  |  Published: 13th May 2019  11:55 pmUpdated: 13th May 2019  10:06 pm

Amongst popular picks that demand real-time attention and data transmission from players like PUBG and Fortnite, a growing tribe of casual gamers have taken to idle games. Idle games, commonly known as incrementals or clicker games, have evolved beyond PCs and now reached smartphones.

The likes of Virtual Villagers, Anti-Idle and House Idle are being self-productive on tiny screens and can engage you just as much as their PC versions. These clickers, true to their name, are built with a gameplay that requires the gamers to keep tapping on the screen (grinding) to level up and complete quests.

The first idle game ever made was a parody of EverQuest called Progress Quest, released in 2002, which was, later, picked up by many flash game sites across the world wide web.
Talking about idle games, Benjamin G, a city-based gaming enthusiast, says, “From building empires to making millions out of a hatchery, idle games are an alternate reality. The best part about it is, you can just leave it hanging. You still grow in the game, albeit a bit slower than you would if you were playing it.”

The youngster even feels that some play it for the game’s design and creative strategies they employ. “There are games like Idle Miner Tycoon, Bee Factory and Idle Coffee Corp that let you earn virtual money by the minute and let you choose where to invest. They are so easy but also hard at the same time,” he adds. Here are some trending incremental games from the Play Store and App Store that can get you started with.

Egg, Inc.

There is a literal egg rush to sell as many eggs as you can to gain money and increase your chicken population to produce more eggs. The game caters to both laid-back players as well as those well-versed with the clicker genre to make the best use of their time on the game to gain an astronomical pay cheque off of your ginormous farm. Thousands of mini chicken and aerial drones run around a uniquely engaging design.

Sushi Bar

Games for the idle souls

If you ever dreamt of running your own Japanese restaurant, Sushi Bar is the best idle game you can find. You can multiply your chain across the best cities, upgrade your chef’s skill and cook dishes that were never heard of before, all while becoming a trillionaire.