Gang rivalry led to teen’s murder in Hyderabad

By Author   |   Published: 14th Mar 2018   1:04 am

Hyderabad: Gang rivalry between youngsters of Janathanagar led to the murder of E Sudheer on Monday.

According to the police, rivalry between gangs of youngsters in the colony was brewing for quite some time, and on March 9, a dispute between Sudheer and I Krishna, one of the suspects in the murder, is believed to have escalated things to the point of murder.

Kukatpally Assistant Commissioner of Police N Bhujanga Rao said the suspects, J Mahesh, B Naveen, K Teja, Krishna and B Shiva, were close friends and residents of Janathanagar Colony in Moosapet.

On March 9, Sudheer and Krishna had quarrelled with each other at Sabyatha Ground in Moosapet. Sudheer suffered injuries in the incident.

After learning about this, Sudheer’s elder brother, Prasad, went to Krishna’s home and when he couldn’t find him, allegedly assaulted Naveen, Krishna’s friend.

While returning, Prasad asked Mahesh to meet him at Goodshed Road, and when the latter went there, he was thrashed by Prasad and his friends.

“Mahesh was attacked again when he visited Mallanna Swamy Temple, Moosapet, the same night. All these led to the suspects bearing a grudge against Sudheer and his family and they hatched the murder plan,” the ACP said, adding that a case was booked on March 9 itself at the Kukatpally police station in connection with these incidents.

Police said Sudheer’s father, Raju, a milk vendor, was involved in various political issues at the local level.

“He is a former ward member and is a member of the Janathanagar Colony Association. Sudheer’s family background is also suspected to be one of the reasons behind the murder,” he added.

The suspects were using coded text over WhatsApp to communicate with each other before and after the murder, police said.