Garbage, debris being dumped near Neknampur lake

By   |  Published: 21st Feb 2018  12:21 am
Neknampur lake

Hyderabad: Dhurvansh NGO which has been striving to protect Neknampur lake and recently introduced floating islands to protect the lake water alleged that debris and garbage is being dumped along the water body outlet.

Chairperson of Dhruvansh, Madhulika Chowdhary said cement debris and garbage was often found to be dumped here.

To protect pythons and monitor lizards here, Dhruvansh along with Irrigation Department has established a barricade on the bund, but residents in the name of road construction were using the bund road posing danger for these reptiles.

Adding to this, nearby residents were dumping garbage both in the catchment area and outlets which was affecting the restoration efforts, she said.

Local Sarpanch, Ushesh Kumar however said that due to the construction of a parallel road along lake, locals were using the bund road from last couple of days.